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Things are simply fated and unfold accordingly, whether or not the hero takes some action. The tale was adapted to a variety of media. The first was produced in in black and white, and a remake in in Technicolor. The main difference between the Andersen story and the Disney version is that, in the latter, the little bird's ordeal lasts for only a few minutes, not for months. In , the Fleischer brothers adapted the story for their animated short "The Little Stranger", reversing the story by having an odd chick born into a family of ducks.

In the Soviet animation studio Soyuzmultfilm produced its own 19 minutes version of The Ugly Duckling. In , the Danish animation studio A. The Tom and Jerry cartoon Downhearted Duckling is also based on the famous story.

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The tale has seen various musical adaptations. In , the Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev composed a work for voice and piano based on Nina Meshcherskaya's adaptation of the tale and, in , arranged the work for voice and orchestra. This was transcribed by Lev Konov in , and his opera was a great success in Russia. In , the musical played the Piccolo Spoleto for seventeen days.

In , Jerry Pinkney adapted the story as a children's picture book. In , Garri Bardin directed a feature-length stop-motion musical of the story set to Tchaikovsky's ballet music. GivingTales — in a storytelling app for children was created in aid of Unicef. The Ugly Duckling read by Stephen Fry is included in this collection of fairy tales along with other stories. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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But just look at all the others, are they not the prettiest little ducklings you ever saw? They are the image of their father, who is so unkind, he never comes to see.

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I was persuaded to hatch some once, and after all my care and trouble with the young ones, they were afraid of the water. I quacked and clucked, but all to no purpose. I could not get them to venture in. Let me look at the egg. I wonder if it really is a turkey. We shall soon find it out, however when we go to the water. It must go in, if I have to push it myself. On the next day the weather was delightful, and the sun shone brightly on the green burdock leaves, so the mother duck took her young brood down to the water, and jumped in with a splash.

The water closed over their heads, but they came up again in an instant, and swam about quite prettily with their legs paddling under them as easily as possible, and the ugly duckling was also in the water swimming with them. He is my own child, and he is not so very ugly after all if you look at him properly.

Quack, quack! You must bow your heads prettily to that old duck yonder; she is the highest born of them all, and has Spanish blood, therefore, she is well off. I think he will grow up strong, and able to take care of himself. And so they made themselves comfortable; but the poor duckling, who had crept out of his shell last of all, and looked so ugly, was bitten and pushed and made fun of, not only by the ducks, but by all the poultry.

So it went on from day to day till it got worse and worse. The ducks pecked him, the chickens beat him, and the girl who fed the poultry kicked him with her feet.

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So at last he ran away, frightening the little birds in the hedge as he flew over the palings. So he closed his eyes, and flew still farther, until he came out on a large moor, inhabited by wild ducks. Here he remained the whole night, feeling very tired and sorrowful. In the morning, when the wild ducks rose in the air, they stared at their new comrade. He bowed to them, and was as polite as he could be, but he did not reply to their question. Poor thing! After he had been on the moor two days, there came two wild geese, or rather goslings, for they had not been out of the egg long, and were very saucy.

Will you go with us, and become a bird of passage? Not far from here is another moor, in which there are some pretty wild geese, all unmarried.

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It is a chance for you to get a wife; you may be lucky, ugly as you are. The sound continued from every direction, for the sportsmen surrounded the moor, and some were even seated on branches of trees, overlooking the rushes.

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The blue smoke from the guns rose like clouds over the dark trees, and as it floated away across the water, a number of sporting dogs bounded in among the rushes, which bent beneath them wherever they went. How they terrified the poor duckling! He turned away his head to hide it under his wing, and at the same moment a large terrible dog passed quite near him.

His jaws were open, his tongue hung from his mouth, and his eyes glared fearfully. It was late in the day before all became quiet, but even then the poor young thing did not dare to move.

The Ugly Duckling

He waited quietly for several hours, and then, after looking carefully around him, hastened away from the moor as fast as he could. He ran over field and meadow till a storm arose, and he could hardly struggle against it. Towards evening, he reached a poor little cottage that seemed ready to fall, and only remained standing because it could not decide on which side to fall first. The storm continued so violent, that the duckling could go no farther; he sat down by the cottage, and then he noticed that the door was not quite closed in consequence of one of the hinges having given way.