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Surf wars. Maine lawmakers want to establish a task force on aquaculture sustainability that is expected to recommend a reduction in coastal farming leases.

Neil deGrasse Tyson tries Soylent and talks future of food with CEO Rob Rhinehart

That would likely appease lobstermen, who have long felt that oyster farmers were encroaching on their traditional harvesting territory. Take a hike. Harri, a hospitality hiring company, says rising minimum wages have forced one in 10 restaurateurs to close. What else?

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Two percent of them eliminated tipping. The ensuing lawsuit is still making its way through the courts. News thinly sliced. Articles July 11, News News.

Soylent case reignites debate over Prop 65: 'It's basically extortion,' claims attorney

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Soylent, Huel: I’ve eaten a meal replacement twice a day for two years - Vox

Arby's 'Megetables' are literally vegetables made of meat. How Hershey became America's iconic chocolate brand. Kraft wants to feed kids 'Salad Frosting'. Why Shake Shack is testing out a 4-day work week.

How Pressed Juicery fed the juice craze. This is how Coca-Cola comes up with new flavors. With new products and a growing retail presence, Soylent has evolved from a tech company that sold food, as CEO Bryan Crowley put it in an interview with CNN Business, to a food company that is enabled by tech and science. Soylent's latest product, Soylent Squared, is a calorie snack bar.

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Soylent calls it a "mini-meal" because it's got 36 essential nutrients, including 26 vitamins and minerals, 9 amino acids, omega-3 and omega People can eat one or two as a snack, or three to four for a complete meal, according to Crowley. With its signature meal replacement powders and shakes, Soylent is targeting a specific demographic: College students, gamers and young professionals — particularly people who work in the gig economy and balance multiple jobs, and want affordable, nutritious food on the go.

But Soylent Squared, which launched this week, is "about expanding to a much broader audience," Crowley said. Soylent considers its new calorie bars "mini meals.

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A snack bar is easier to sell to most consumers than a meal shake, Crowley reasons. Plenty of people eat them, and would be open to trying a new variety. Fewer people drink their meals, so rather than switching from one product to another, they'd have to introduce a new item to their diets altogether. That's a higher barrier to entry. And while the first version of the product was designed to be a life hack, the current iteration is supposed to fill what Crowley calls "food voids," times in the day when people either skip a meal or reach for an unhealthy option , like a burger from a fast-food chain or a breakfast pastry — a challenging proposition.

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Crowley estimates people face food voids between eight and ten times a week. But Soylent hopes to sell them in stores, where people can stumble upon them, once it has a chance to refine the product based on customer feedback. They could be pricier in stores.

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The meal bar comes in chocolate brownie, salted caramel and citrus berry. It tastes sweet and a bit waxy, like a protein bar. Crowley said the company is still working to improve recipes for its product, adding that Soylent wants to develop a savory product. It's tricky to come up with non-dairy ingredients that mimic the taste of milk and sugar, Crowley said, without raising costs. Can the new vegan Impossible Burger fool meat lovers?

Soylent Squared is the second new product Soylent introduced this year. In January, Soylent launched Bridge, a calorie drink designed to keep you sated between meals.