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This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Gracias Nicolas por el comentario, cierto que faltaba esas palabras que me recordaron otra con igual significado: Portillo. Gracias Amparo, muy bueno su aporte, poco a poco vamos rescatando esas palabras para que las conozcan las nuevas generaciones. Hay una palabra que me gusta escucharla por sonora: tagarnia.

Mi hermano contestaba cuando le preguntaban por su significado:! Que tal: Zurron: una persona de mala calana.

How to Order Food in Spanish. Pedir comida en español.

Gracias por su mensaje. Lo voy a agregar luego. Feliz noche. Muchas gracias por su aporte. Buenas tardes, me parece que falta en la A, atembao:bobo. Antojado:el quiere todo lo que ve. Matarife: persona q mata el marrano. Matrera : traicionera. Enchuzpar: enredar. Numerito: similar a mujer casquillera. Floripondio: gay.

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Tatacoa: mujer brava. Tambien es el dinero regalado generalmente por el padrino o abuelo.

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Consiampirar: reemplaza a el verbo que no llega a la mente. Machoniar: Divertirse fuera de la casa en campo abierto, brinconiar en la manga. Raque: Cosa vieja e inservible. Caballo viejo.


Muchas gracias,. Hola Juanes, gracias por el aporte. Hola, que bueno tenerlo como lector. Patetico paisa que se respete, va a la ferreteria a comprar "el cosito pal cosito que va al lado de este cosito". Saludo cordial, que bueno recibir sus aportes para agregar al diccionario paisa.

Muchas gracias por participar en el crecimiento de nuestro diccionario paisa. Escuchamos opiniones. Gracias por el comentario. Indeed, technology and the incorporation of modern communication media into the realm of art and poetry is one of the major recurring themes in his work. The online medium, he suggests, brings with it a new element of immediacy and innovation, mingling 'los viejos misterios de la palabra [the old mysteries of the word]' with 'nuevas maneras de percibirlos [new ways of perceiving them]' Melchy, For him, online publication is more than a means of minimising costs and circumventing the restrictions of the commercial publishing industry.

The dynamism and heterogeneity of the internet make it the perfect vehicle for the sort of eclectic, innovative artwork that Melchy and his fellow 'poetas salvajes' create. Aside from the focus on technology and online writing, Melchy's poetry displays a significant degree of intertextuality and complexity of language. As the title suggests, Los Planetas contains strong recurring themes of astronomy, space-fiction and metaphysics. There are several references to theoretical physicists and philosophers, and scientific or mathematical terminology is often woven into the fabric of the poetry.

As a translator, I have had firstly to unravel and comprehend this language, identifying the concepts and people to which it alludes, before attempting to communicate it in English. That said, I have generally not attempted to demystify Melchy's complicated vocabulary, leaving his references more or less as opaque as they are in the original. Melchy also dedicates many of his poems to friends and contemporaries, and his writing frequently verges on the metaliterary with its self-reflective themes and explicit references to other poets and artists. Another crucial element of Melchy's poetry is its undercurrent of social criticism.

The Mexico of Los Planetas is a kind of cybergenetic dystopia, ravaged by modernity and capitalist debauchery.

Melchy articulates the disenchantment of a generation born and raised in that confusing social climate. This said, his poetry is far from defeatist. The cosmos that Melchy has created is one in which poets rewrite entire constellations, where universes decompose and are rebuilt by human consciousness, where books are as big as houses - indeed, as big as planets - and time is distorted to the point of losing all meaning.


To an extent, then, Los Planetas is a form of surrealist escapism, a hallucinatory journey into outer cyber space. Poetry, Melchy explains in his emails, has become unnecessary in modern times, a peripheral art form disregarded by many as convoluted and bizarre. Art and literature now tend to spring from inessential creative desires, rather than from necessity. Melchy's own writing is an attempt to capture that childlike urgency, to recognise 'lo otro maravilloso, y misterioso que nos rodea [the marvellous, mysterious Other that surrounds us]' and to invade everyday language 'de animales, plantas o robots [with animals, plants, robots]' 17 November For Melchy, poetry holds the key to comprehending, expressing and remedying our social discontent.

Los Planetas reminds us that poetry, in all its forms, is what keeps us from the brink of self-destruction or utter de-humanisation. For Melchy, the creative flame within us all is what constitutes our humanity and our indefatigable freedom. While it burns, all is not lost. If translation is - as I believe - another manifestation of this creative 'weapon of regeneration', then the poetry translator must strive for two simultaneous objectives: she must create both a loyal translation and a quality work of poetry.

The Cosmogony of Translation: Translating Yaxkin Melchy's Los Planetas

She must take into account not only the semantic meaning of the poems entrusted to her but also their aesthetic meaning. As mentioned earlier, this duality has been central to my methodological and ethical approaches to Los Planetas. In other words, rendering a poem's semantic meaning at the expense of its aesthetic meaning implies the loss of something fundamental; not necessarily some mystical and ineffable poetic essence, but some aesthetic quality that undeniably affects the reader's experience of that poem.

  • The Cosmogony of Translation: Translating Yaxkin Melchy's Los Planetas.
  • The Cosmogony of Translation: Translating Yaxkin Melchy's Los Planetas.
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The transposition of poetry's intrinsic musicality has always posed a challenge to translation. Indeed, the gravity of these challenges has contributed substantially to the long tradition of pessimistic discourse surrounding poetry translation. Dante, for example, once declared that 'nothing harmonised by a musical bond can be transmuted from its own speech without losing all its sweetness and harmony' Alighieri, I disagree.

While I admit that a poem's 'sweetness and harmony' can never hope to be rendered identically, I cannot accept that a poem's beauty is utterly destroyed by the act of translation. If careful attention is given to comprehending the aesthetic qualities of the original, then there is no reason why comparable qualities cannot be achieved in translation. This has certainly been my aim in translating Los Planetas. As well as capturing meaning, I have sought to recreate a certain aesthetic experience that I feel is unique to Melchy's writing.