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Any athlete can be a great teammate when he or she is a regular starter on a winning team and everything seems to be going in the right direction. How should you respond to losing your starting spot, losing consecutive games, or struggling to perform at a high level? Your witness for the gospel will shine brighter to your coaches, teammates and competitors when you continue to demonstrate positivity and a spirit of helping others in adverse situations.

A proper response to negative personal circumstances is a crucial piece in being a godly teammate. But what is it that we are called to do in order to build up those around us?

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Rather, it presents an opportunity to guide your peers to be the best they can be. Picking up your teammates when they become discouraged, talking to them privately when they are bringing negativity to the team, or bringing accountability to a variety of other situations are all qualities seen in a godly teammate. Iron sharpens iron by rubbing against each other. Iron would never become sharp without friction.

Being a godly teammate can be very uncomfortable.

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Push past that discomfort! Your team will be better off when you respond with godly action. Athlete, Iron Sharpens Iron.

Iron Sharpens Iron

Chris Dunham. The experimental electronic project from producer Rich Keyworth; a blend of manipulated organic instruments and real-world field recordings. Puppet Dubplate by Rufus Mule. Ews Nsj. Kunio Yasu. Purchasable with gift card.

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Affirmation The Sphinx Diagonal Environment The Old Straight Track The Redeemer Open Drawer, Full Of Masks The Child Primitive The Master Game Over the past five years, Ricardo Donoso has continually sharpened his vision and craft into a diamond point.

This new offering simultaneously closes the cycle Progress Chance began with perfection, and blows the possibilities for the future wide open.

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This album most heavily embraces the dancefloor undercurrents that past efforts only hinted at. Donoso's ability to juggle multiple rhythms and plot them all together cohesively is in top form.

As his darkest work to date, it's hard to still consider this 'morning music' even if vague similarities still exist. With each subsequent album, he has further explored connections between the external and internal self.

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Ideas shrouded in shadow on the first two records finally become poignantly clear.