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She received a steady stream of hugs and kisses, sometimes from photographers in front of her at The Observatory in Santa Ana. Gabby was remembered as a caring person who let friends sleep in his garage during their battles with drugs.


Local bands remember Gabby who died of liver cancer earlier this month and raise funds for his son. Presley took the stage and, at times, managed a smile at The Observatory in Santa Ana. Gaborno, who died Jan. He danced, sang along and thanked the audience with dryer eyes than the grown men that lovingly surrounded him.

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The funeral service of the year-old, whose real name was Josef Stawinoga, was set to take place at Bushbury Crematorium, in Wolverhampton, this afternoon at 2. The service was due to be conducted in his native Polish at the crematorium's West Chapel, which holds just 80 people. Wolverhampton City Council has arranged the funeral with money kept in trust from his pension.

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It is not thought any members of his immediate family have been traced. And council bosses have appealed for people who did not know the familiar figure to stay away. A site set up in his honour on the networking internet site Facebook attracted more than 6, members.

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By Birmingham Live. Get the biggest daily stories by email Subscribe We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. In a sense, then, they are anarchists.

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Paulette Goddard and Chaplin on the set of Modern Times. Chaplin at first planned a sadly sentimental ending for the film.

While the Tramp was in hospital, recovering from nervous break-down, the Gamine was to become a Nun and so be parted from him for ever. This ending was filmed, but was finally abandoned in favour of a more cheerful finale.

Farewell to town's beloved tramp

By the time Modern Times was released, talking pictures had been established for almost a decade. Till now, Chaplin had resisted dialogue, knowing that his comedy and its universal understanding depended on silent pantomime. This time though he weakened to the extent of preparing dialogue, and even doing some trial recordings. Finally he thought better of it, and as in City Lights uses only music and sound effects.

Human voices are only heard filtered through technological devices - the boss who addresses his workers from a television screen; the salesman who is only a voice on the phonograph.

Charlie Chaplin : Filming Modern Times

The Tramp gets hired as a waiter. He writes the words on his shirt cuffs, but these fly off with a too-dramatic flourish; and he is obliged to improvise the song in a wonderful, mock-Italian gibberish. Chaplin directing Modern Times. As he had done for City Lights Chaplin composed his own musical score, giving his arrangers and conductors a harder time than usual, with the result that the distinguished Hollywood musician Alfred Newman walked off the film.

The film became the victim of a strange charge of plagiarism. The case was weak, and Clair, a great admirer of Chaplin, was deeply embarrassed by it. This time the Chaplin Studio finally agreed to a modest payment, just to get rid of the nuisance. Chaplin and his lawyers remained convinced that the determination of the German-dominated company was revenge for the anti-Nazi sentiment of The Great Dictator.

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Instead, Modern Times survives as a commentary on human survival in the industrial, economic and social circumstances of the 20th century society.