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Just this summer, I will teach a class on Vampires in Film for my school's art history department. I'm an enormous fan of vampires.

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Just a few years ago, I wrote a fun documentary series called Monsters Among Us. Needless to say, vampires got the most coverage.

[Visions of Horror] Jae Lee’s ‘The Illustrated Dracula’

Dracula is one of my favorite books ever and Dracula Illustrated is a chance for Bizhan and I to create the paperback edition we've always wanted on our personal bookshelves. Dracula Illustrated features six illustrations and an original cover by Bizhan, as well as an academic introduction by myself.

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It's our excuse to work together on making something really, really cool for people with the same penchant and thirst for this vampire classic. Bizhan's work, seen in his comics Little Red Fish, embraces the gothic with his own unique contemporary flair. We're both going all out on this, and it already shows the most on Bizhan's end. For the design, I'm going for a modern look attained through using vintage fonts.

Dracula (Illustrated)

Every font and typeface in Dracula Illustrated was actually in existence and use at the time of the book's original publication. The initial goal will provide us with six Bizhan original illustrations for the book and a standard paperback cover. Our stretch goals will go to fund everything from more illustrations to even foil stamping on the cover.

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Higher levels also include this limited metal cards, with art by Bizhan, of both a wolf and a bat. The Supreme Sketch level features a bat sketch and signature from Bizhan, a note from Chris.

This level is limited and numbered at only 25, between this and the original art levels. Finally, the original art levels feature Bizhan's original pieces and also come with a small sketch on the book's cover page. We always run into potential production hang-ups, no matter the project. I've fortunately worked with our printer before and found them to be professional and organized! I'll make sure to keep you in the loop, regardless of what happens production-wise. Get the limited edition paperback of Dracula Illustrated. This ships priority mail in the United States. Get the limited edition paperback of Dracula Illustrated, signed by Bizhan Khodabandeh and Christopher Irving, accompanied by a 5 x 7 print of the cover.

This level comes with silver finish metal cards of both a wolf and a bat.

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This level comes with silver finish metal cards of both a wolf and a bat, as well as the limited print. This is the ultimate level! Get the limited edition paperback of Dracula Illustrated, signed by Bizhan Khodabandeh and Christopher Irving--and with an original sketch by Bizhan. You also get the 9.

Bram Stoker's Dracula: Illustrated by TC Mahala by T C Mahala, Bram Stoker -

Get the limited edition paperback of Dracula Illustrated, signed by Bizhan Khodabandeh and Christopher Irving--and with an sketch by Bizhan. Mar 13, - Apr 12, 30 days. Share this project Done.

Dracula (Illustrated)

Tweet Share Email. Jae Lee appears to have been thinking of Count Orlok from the movie, Nosferatu when he visualised Dracula which is not strictly speaking in accord with the description of Dracula given in the actual text of this book but works to great effect.

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There are plenty of iconic images in the artwork too with dangling crucifixes, beautiful women with shiny lips, sinister horses and no shortage of mist. So should you buy Dracula? In my opinion - yes. Dracula is story that suffers from being universally well known, through the medium of film and television plus the references to Dracula in our modern day culture, while at the same time not many people have actually read the book.

The story is narrated through the diaries and journals of all the people involved in it except for Dracula himself which helps to make it an appealing read. So should you buy this deluxe illustrated edition of Dracula? Once again - in my opinion yes. Jae Lee's dark, gothic style of illustration is the perfect foil for this story.

The type setting of this novel is beautiful too, a huge improvement on the cramped word spacing and type setting that you get in the cheap paperback versions of this book — making the book even more readable.

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