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That outing morphed into a moon mission after delays with the lunar lander, paired with rumors that the Soviets were planning their own moonshot, motivated NASA to send three astronauts into lunar orbit in December Then, Part 3 talks about the aftermath of Apollo 8, when that mission's commander, Frank Borman, went to the Soviet Union to open relations there.

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The documentary covers the questions about von Braun's Nazi past that emerged in the media. And then, of course, there's Apollo 11, the mission itself and its aftermath. One thing that few people know is that the Soviets had decided to put an uncrewed spacecraft on the moon, scoop up some soil and return it to Earth before the Apollo 11 astronauts landed.

This spacecraft, called Luna 15 , crashed into the moon's surface just a few hours before Armstrong and Aldrin left the moon. Stone said it's not a typical companion book, because it has a lot of extra research that did not appear in the film. Follow Elizabeth Howell on Twitter howellspace. Follow us on Twitter Spacedotcom and on Facebook. Have a news tip, correction or comment? Let us know at community space. Jun 04, ISBN Jun 04, Minutes.

JFK issued the historic moon landing challenge. These are the stories of the visionaries who helped America complete his vision with the first lunar landing fifty years ago.

In , President John F. Kennedy proposed the nation spend twenty billion dollars to land a man on the Moon before the end of the decade. More than a story of engineers and astronauts, the moon landing—now celebrating its fiftieth anniversary—grew out of the dreams of science fiction writers, filmmakers, military geniuses, and rule-breaking scientists.

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Clarke , whose writing inspired some of the key players in the Moon race. A scientific paper he wrote in his twenties led to the U. After working on ballistic missiles for the U. Her media exposure as a unique presence in this all-male world allowed her the freedom to stand up for equal rights for women and minorities. Alan Andres spent three decades in trade book publishing and managed a small magazine publishing enterprise.

He served as a… More about Alan Andres.

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Some of it familiar, some never told before, this is a very human account of a truly historic moment as humankind emerges into the larger cosmos. Stone and Andres capture not only the Cold War rivalry and turmoil of the period, but its heady optimism. Meticulously researched and definitively detailed, this book is a must-have for anyone who wants to understand why and how Apollo happened. Read An Excerpt.

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Add to Cart Add to Cart. Listen to a sample from Chasing the Moon. About Alan Andres Alan Andres spent three decades in trade book publishing and managed a small magazine publishing enterprise.

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Those Wild Wyndhams. Claudia Renton. The City Game. Matthew Goodman. Stanley Weintraub. The Indispensable Composers. Anthony Tommasini.

The Heartbeat of Wounded Knee. David Treuer. As the 50th anniversary celebrations of Apollo 11 reach their crescendo this month, television is getting into the act.

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PBS, meanwhile, is airing a three-night, six-hour documentary, starting July 9, as part of its American Experience series called Chasing the Moon that examines the events that led up to Apollo Accompanying that series is a book, also called Chasing the Moon , by filmmaker Robert Stone and Alan Andres, who served as a consulting producer and researcher for the series.

That book treads familiar ground in its overview of Apollo, but does so in a way that should be interesting to those who know much of that history already.