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Trafford Publishing Amazon. Pawprints All Over Me. Stan Standley.

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Pawprints All Over Me C. Stan Standley Trafford Publishing , - Seiten 0 Rezensionen A former Navy pilot recalls an incident from his younger days involving his first real pet, a dog named Buster.

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But listen. Searing riffs, mountainous solos, and the tightest of fills — underpinned by stream-of-consciousness structures and a palette of crazed effects — steal the show. These three build a one-off sound that stirred up the hardening alternative mainstream and drove it to distraction. You're Living All Over Me : supposedly Mascis's indictment of what it was like to tour in a van with these other two misfits, but also testimony to the obsession — an itch, a disease — that the band's disengagement from their world had produced. This record cares so little it cares a lot.

Queerly Ever After #10: ALL OVER ME (1997)

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