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Thank you for the prompt reply.

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I will leave out the 2 strokes as you suggested and start my search for good 4 strokes. Thanks for all the great information, I will download your used buyers guide also. Hello Steve, first of all. The owner assure me that everything is in great conditions. The supercharger have never been work on and I know about the ceramic washer on this year because I did the research. Does sound good and what do you think about this sea doo? If it has not had the supercharger job done by now I would not buy it.

That is extreme neglect for years, its been over a decade that this problem has been known. Who knows what else he neglected to do.

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I live in Myrtle Beach and there is a tour company on the Intracoastal that buys a new fleet of Jet skis every year, use them for the season, then sell. Basically, they would be units that are ridden hours per day for 3 months. A lot of hours, but like new on the other conditions. What do you think about purchasing one of these and what should I look for in inspection Dave.

And if they have a lot of hours I would want a really good discount on them since it will hurt you later to sell it again. Thank you. Following up, I have 2 units I am looking at to purchase. This will be my first jet ski, so am thinking to buy used, see how much use I get out of it, then probably upgrade to new in a year or 2 if it makes sense. I only want to buy one, but a lot of the riding will be with both my wife and I on it, and have been told that for 2 adults, you are better off with a 3 seater. A Yamaha VX deluxe with hrs. This is a 3 seater. This is a 2 seater.

It seems like this is a trade off of age 2 years newer vs hours significant , plus the seating. Test riding both units in a couple of days.

Any thoughts on what I should look for or recommendations? Thanks in advance. And that VX has too many hours at that price point for me to even consider it. Both should jump out of the water quickly. These two I would for sure have a dealership or repair shop do a deep dive in making sure everything is okay before you buy. I got to ride my niebhors Honda jet ski non turbo 06 an his 13 seadoo the Honda was a lot smoother no vibration an quick response what are your views on a Honda turbo vs non turbo or another brand comparable thanks.

Another issue is that there is a recall on some for venting issues so I would get that looked at before I ever buy one. Other than that, Honda had a great machine either turbo or not. Kawasaki is quite nice on there bigger models and smooth too if you want something beyond Sea-Doo or Yamaha.

There GTX is a lot smoother and quieter, maybe look at that one instead. Such great information, thank you! Hi Steven, we were looking at a Tigershark Montego jet ski and I was wondering if you had any opinions or experience with them, if they are worth it or what to look for? I would not get a Tigershark at all. I would recommend getting any model 4-stroke or something made after from Sea-Doo, Yamaha, or Kawasaki. One owner. I would like to hear your advice or opinion. I noticed that you do not recommend the Sea-doo Spark for ocean use.

I want to purchase a 2 up small jet ski so we can jump boat wakes on a lake and do quick spins.

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This is for teenage boys so they are not into cruising but really want to jump waves. Are you saying that the Spark would not be the best choice for waves? Hello Steven, First, I appreciate you, your time and your advice. Everything looks as new. I am looking for stability and power to pull a toy. My wife and I are the only riders. I am lbs max and she is about lbs. She is not a speed freak but we do have fun on rentals from time to time. Primarily this will be used on the Columbia river way inland and on lakes.

It has never seen salt water. Are there any issues? Do you like this year and model? Nothing bad comes to my mind about this model. Should be stable and more than enough power for pulling tubes. Make sure to check compression if you can and call up your local dealer with a VIN to make sure there is no warranty or recalls on it. How does it compare with the FX with regards to stability? Thanks again! One owner traded it in with his boat to buy a bigger boat from a boat dealer.

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They stated it checked out during their inspection for trade but I have not seen any paperwork regarding service. It is in good shape cosmetically and appears to have been garage kept.

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The boat dealership has had it in their inventory since September of and are offering it to me for 8, This price includes a trailer. What should I be looking for when I ride it? Visual inspection? When you ride it you want it to launch without hesitation. Check the seats and under the hull if you can for any damage.

Ask the dealership to give you a copy of the check out sheet, you want to see the compression. If all checks out it seems to be a good price. Would you agree? My research thus far has alerted me to low hours can be a negative if the ski was not properly serviced and as of now I have no idea if it was or was not. You will get some people who buy a jet ski and only use it twice a year. So long as they serviced it when it needed it you should be fine. Has rebuilt Supercharger and new jet pump. Plus, the GTX having the supercharger already rebuilt is a plus in my book. It really boils down if you want to go fast or want something to start off on.

Looking at 3 machines. I weigh and am going 3 seater. Ill be both riding fast and being pulled knee-board? Thank you, sir —. From what you say you want to do, if I were you I would be looking for a Wake Pro from around or so — that would be the perfect machine for your needs. I just came across a SeaDoo with only 97 hours on it. Would you run away screaming? Looks great on pictures and seems to be garaged. It should be fine so long as they had the supercharger rebuilt recently, if not I would not get it.

I am currently looking at purchasing two used seadoos from a guy.

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  • Both have around 59 hours. The owner says they have always been garage kept the pictures seem to support this , he says they have only been used in freshwater, and that they have been continually serviced throughout the years. I still have a few reservations about buying used skis however, and was wondering if you had any insight into these particular models.